Many people have online profiles in one form or another. It is a common thing to post a status update on Facebook, share moments of your music and life on Instagram and follow your idol on Twitter.

But there are some of us who are hesitant to share all this information online, we wonder what happens to it. Does it get stored in a safe place, do I even want it to be stored somewhere? Who takes care of it and can I trust them?

When in doubt, the experts say to do a thorough check of the website you give your information to. Read their privacy policy and legal pages and contact them if you are still not satisfied.

How do you feel more secure about talking to the people you meet online? We have made a list of tips which are mostly common sense and certainly not exhaustive:
  1. Protect your computer. While we do everything we can to keep the site safe from hackers it is always good practise to make sure your pc, laptop, tablet and smartphone have good privacy settings in place and are protected from viruses and malware.
  2. Use our platform. We don’t share your personal information with anyone so you can stay anonymous until you decide to share more information with another member.
  3. Stay anonymous. If you want to use our platform for sharing knowledge, experiences and just talk about music with others then you can choose not to give us your personal information either. You can use an alias, a neutral email address (such as Gmail or Hotmail) and not fill in any field that is not required at registration.
  4. Look them up online. Google their name and/or photo and see what results come back. If there are any red flags, inform us and delete this person from your friends list.
  5. Don’t fall for scams. If they tell you they want very much to meet but can’t afford the plain ticket or train fare, think before giving them the money.
And what can you do before actually agreeing to meet someone in real life?
  1. Get face time. When you have talked to a member via our platform for a while and you want to meet, opt for talking via Skype. If he or she is reluctant to show their face online, consider if it is a good idea to continue talking to this person.
  2. Meet somewhere neutral. If you have the opportunity to meet, arrange for a public setting that you are comfortable with. Don’t let them pick you up in their car or agree to meet at their house.
  3. Know where you are going. When you have arranged to meet and you are new to that area, do a little research. Know where you can park your car or where the bus stop is. Don’t rely on others to inform you but find it out on your own.
  4. Tell your friends. Share a few details with your closest friends or family, let them tell you if they see any red flags. If you decide to meet a member, tell them where you are going and if you want to, keep them in loop on how it’s going.
  5. Take someone with you. If you don’t feel comfortable meeting someone on your own, arrange for a friend to join you. Music can always be played and enjoyed with more people!

What should you take away from this? Listen to your instinct, take precautions and let us know if you have any experiences – good or bad!

When we built our site Connect for Music, we were very conscious of any concerns people might have – as we share them. We trust the security we have in place and regularly check to make sure all is still functioning.

As a member you provide us with your email address for completing the registration and to receive updates from members and from us. We trust that you complete your profile truthfully and we will weed out any who are obviously not. We don’t want your bank details therefore payment of membership is handled by a trusted payment provider.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


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