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How can I register?
In the top right corner of every page you can find “join us” – when you click the link you will be directed to the registration page.

Membership of this site only €1,-. Fill in your details in the form and click the button “Complete Sign Up”. You will receive an email from us confirming your registration. Activate your account and log in with the username and password you have chosen. Select your membership and be sure to read the Terms of Service. Then tick the box that you agree to the Terms of Service and hit submit.

You are now registered on Connect for Music.

Now that I’ve registered, what’s next?
After you have registered, you will be able to take a look around.
Go to your Profile page and upload your picture. When you are happy with your profile, check out the other members profiles and visit the Forum.

What should I do if I get an error message when I try to log in?
Try to log in again in a different web browser (for example Google Chrome, Edge, Safari or Firefox) and delete your entire cache.

How do I change my Connect for Music password?
You can change it in the Settings tab of your Profile page.

Safety and security at Connect for Music

Who can see my profile?
Only registered members of Connect for Music can see your profile. Your profile picture, text and details are not available on Google or anywhere else.

Are profiles screened at Connect for Music?
Yes, every profile is manually and carefully checked and judged. If we doubt the sincerity of a profile we will notify and deactivate the member. Any profiles which violate our Terms of Service are removed. Should you find a profile which shouldn’t be on Connect for Music, please inform us via the contact form.

How do I become a member?
When you click on the link “join us” you can register for Connect for Music.

How about my right of withdrawal?
You have the right of withdrawal, without any explanation or cause. This means that you can discontinue your membership within 14 days. Read our Terms of Service.

Can I pause my membership?
No, it’s not possible to pause your membership.

How does my profile work?

How do I add my profile picture?
Go to your Profile and click the link Change Profile Photo. Drag and Drop your photo or if you have a camera on your device, take a picture.

How do I change my password?
Go to your Profile and click on Settings. Add your new password and click save changes.

Can I search for members?
Yes you can! Use the search or advanced search function to filter on location, genre, level, etc. Your profile is only visible for members of Connect for Music.

How do I get in touch with someone?
You can use the Groups to get in contact with other members, or send them a private message.

How do I remove my Profile?
You can remove it by cancelling your membership in your Membership Account in your Profile.

Can I use the site on my mobile phone or tablet?
Yes, you can use the site with any device and all browsers.

Complaints and disputes

If you have a complaint, please use the contact form to inform us. Connect for Music will review your complaint within 14 days, you will not receive a notification of receipt of this.

Send us a message

Connect for Music is the first free online community for music players to find each other and discuss and play music together. We are very interested in your comments and tips for this site. Is anything missing, do you have a complaint, a story you would like to share or suggestions to change something on Connect for Music? Please let us know!

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